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Thoughts and Tributes – H W Boutall

“He was a lovely, generous and kind-hearted man”
“He was a great colleague and I counted him as a friend and supporter”
“…a kindly and truly genuine person who will be sorely missed”
“He was quiet, considerate, helpful and a tower of strength”
“Harry was one of a decreasing number of genuine gentlemen”
“Harry was held in high esteem by all his colleagues. His quiet affablemanner hid a steel determination!”
“..the abiding memory is of his sense of humour, which he could apply without rancour to the events of the day.”

Jan 30, 2004 – 10:39AM

Thelma, Harry’s second wife, has not been well since Harry’s death in 2000.
She is in a residential home near Rugby, Warwickshire, where she is well-cared for, although frail. This is not too far from her son David who lives near Stratford-on-Avon.
I am sure she would appreciate it if you wanted to write to her at:
Mill Green
Newbold Road
Rugby CV21 1EL

 Re: Dorothy Boutall

As Harry and Dorothy’s friend. Dorothy used to drag me all over the county to look at Houses that she and Harry fancied. She would telephone me at work and ask “Can we go and see such and such a house? I’ve made arrangements with the agents. ” More often that not I agreed. The humour was I was working as a Estate Agent for the opposition. Happy Days. A wonderful couple. A true pair and sadly missed for their humour and pragmatism. If Harry said “I am sure you are right” You knew you were wrong. Bless you Harry and Dorothy. Wew miss you.

Margaret & Mike

Harry’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Harry we still miss you.

Mike & Margaret

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