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Martha Ann Reed

John Collett married Martha Ann Reed.

More About Martha Ann Reed:

Residence: 25 August 1874, 22 Adelaide Cottages, Hanwell, Brentford, Middlesex

Children of John Collett and Martha Reed are:


  • William  Collett, born 25 August 1874 in Adelaide Cottages,Hanwell, Brentford, Middlesex; died 24 April 1951 in 110 Abbotsbury Road, Morden, Surrey
  • John Morgan Collett, born 10 February 1868; died 5 January 1950 in Fulham Hospital. He married A L.

More About John Morgan Collett:

Cause of Death: Senile Myocardial degeneration, Prostate

Occupation: 5 January 1950, Retired Wharf Warehouseman

Residence: 5 January 1950, 35 Tasso Road, Fulham


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