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Collett Family Tree

Descendants of John Collett (updated)

So far we have only been able to trace back to John Collett and his wife Martha Ann Reed, who were probably born around 1850 – although the first record of them is in 1874 when their son, William Collett, was born in Middlesex.

Generation No. 1

1. John Collett married Martha Ann Reed.

More About Martha Ann Reed:

Residence: 25 August 1874, 22 Adelaide Cottages, Hanwell, Brentford, Middlesex

Children of John Collett and Martha Reed are:

William Collett born 25 August 1874 in Adelaide Cottages,Hanwell, Brentford,Middlesex; died 24 April 1951 in 110 Abbotsbury Road, Morden, Surrey.
John Morgan Collett, born 10 February 1868; died 5 January 1950 in Fulham Hospital. He married A L.

More About William Collett:

Cause of Death: Senile Myocardial degeneration, Prostate

Occupation: 5 January 1950, Retired Wharf Warehouseman

Residence: 5 January 1950, 35 Tasso Road, Fulham

 Generation No. 2

2. William Collett  was born 25 August 1874 in Adelaide Cottages,Hanwell, Brentford,Middlesex, and died 24 April 1951 in 110 Abbotsbury Road, Morden, Surrey. He married Dorothy May Collett 5 December 1915 in St Johns’ Church, Fulham, London, daughter of John Collett and Maud Louisa English. She was born 7 February 1896 in 17 Reckitt Road, Chiswick, Brenford,Middlesex, and died 5 September 1977 in St Johns Hospital, Andover, Hampshire.

More About William Collett:

Burial: Lower Morden Cemetery, Garth Road

Military service: Middlesex Regiment

Occupation: 27 March 1948, Council Employee

Residence: 5 December 1915, Farm Lane, Fulham

Notes for Dorothy May Collett:

Richard William Collett was born in Marylebone, London in 1917

Two of her children (Dorothy Louisa and Julius Leonard) were born in Queen Charlotte’s Lying-in Hospital, near Lisson Grove. This was an institution for the reception of married and unmarried women, and attendance upon others at their own habitations.

Also known as Queen’s Charlotte Lying-in Hospital, it was founded in 1752 as a General Lying-in-Hospital. In 1813 it moved to the Old Manor House, Lisson Grove, now the Marylebone Road.London.  Now known as Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital, 354 Goldhawk Road, London W6.

An advertisement in an 1898 book says the following: QUEEN CHARLOTTE’S LYING-IN HOSPITAL

Marylebone Road, London N.W.

Founded 1752 Incorporated by Royal Charter 1885 Objects of the charity

To provide an Asylum for the delivery of Poor Married Women; and also of Deserving Unmarried Women with their first child

To provide skilled Midwives to attend Poor Married Women in their confinement at their own homes

The Training of Medical Pupils, Midwives for the Poor, and Monthly Nurses

Since the foundation of the Hospital 100,000 poor women have been relieved. Last year, 1,151 patients were received into the Hospital and 1,120 were attended at their own homes.

More About Dorothy May Collett:

Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia, Right Hemiplegia

Medical Information: Nan had a stroke about 18 months before she died

Residence: 5 December 1915, 37 Farm Lane, Fulham

Visit: 8 April 1969, To Richard (Bill), Gap of Dunloe, Killarney (Kate Kearns Cottage), County Kerry,Ireland

More About William Collett and Dorothy Collett:

Marriage: 5 December 1915, St Johns’ Church, Fulham, London

Witness: 5 December 1915, Thomas Alfred Silvester

(NB. There is some confusion about the identity of Dorothy May Collett‘s father John Collett, and his relationship to her husband, William Collett. Her maiden name was Collett, and she married a Collett. Her father was a John Collett, and William’s father was also a John Collett, and his brother was a John Morgan Collett)

Children of William Collett and Dorothy Collett are:

  • 4 i. Dorothy Louise Collett, born 5 August 1926 in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, Lisson Grove, London; died 30 November 1980 in Western Hospital, Southampton.
  • 5 ii. Leonard Julius Collett, born 14 April 1920 in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital; died April 1986 in Stourbridge. He married Marie Skelding (her sister was Doris Skelding) in Spring 1944 in Surrey. He died April 1986 in Stourbridge, Worcestershire

More About Leonard Julius Collett:

His name was originally registered as Julius Caesar Collett, later changed on the registration to Julius Leonard Collett, although he always used “Len”.

Medical Information: Len had severe chest problems in his later life, which limited his mobility and activity.

Pioneer Corps Badge.jpgThe Royal Pioneer Corps was a British Army combatant corps used for light engineering tasks. It was formed in 1939 and amalgamated into the Royal Logistic Corps in 1993. Pioneer units performed a wide variety of tasks in all theatres of war, handling all types of stores, laying prefabricated track on the beaches and stretcher-bearing. They also worked under Engineer supervision on the construction of the Mulberry Harbour and laid the Pipe Line Under the Ocean (PLUTO), constructed airfields, roads and erected bridges.

6 iii. Richard William Collett, born 1917; died 22 June 1992 in Tralee General Hospital, Co Kerry, Ireland. He married Hannah O’Sullivan (born 10 Jan 1915 in Tuogh, Limerick, Ireland)

Generation No. 3

4. Dorothy Louise Collett  was born 5 August 1926 in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, Lisson Grove, London, and died 30 November 1980 in Western Hospital, Southampton. She married Henry William Boutall son of George Boutall and Florence Bailey. He was born 21 December 1927, and died 4 March 2000 in Royal Hants County Hospital,Winchester.

More About Dorothy Louisa Collett:

Burial: December 1980, Salisbury Crematorium

More About Henry William Boutall:

Burial: 17 March 2000, Salisbury Crematorium

Child of Dorothy Collett and Henry Boutall is:

  • 7 i. John Henry Boutall born 26 June 1949.


6. Richard William Collett was born 1917, and died 22 June 1992 in Tralee General Hospital, Co Kerry, Ire. He married Joan O’Sullivan 19 June 1948 in St Patrick’s Chapel, Westminster Cathedral. She was born in Coolcumisk, Beaufort, Ireland, and died May 1999 in Co Kerry, Ireland.

More About Richard William Collett:

Baptism (into the Catholic church): 3 April 1948, St Theresa’s Church, Morden

Military service: 1940, Army No. 6145274

Residence: 1982, Carrantoul Cottage, Dunloe Upper,Beaufort, Eire

More About Richard Collett and Joan O’Sullivan:

Marriage: 19 June 1948, St Patrick’s Chapel, Westminster Cathedral

Children of Richard Collett and Joan O’Sullivan are:

  • 8 i. Richard Collett
  • 9 ii. Mary Collett
  • 10 iii. Patrick Collett

Generation No. 4

7. John Henry Boutall was born 26 June 1949. He married Ann Kinsey-Miles 2 June 1973 in United Reform Church, Bishopston, Bristol, daughter of John Kinsey-Miles and Kathleen Basdell. She was born 17 November 1946 in Bristol.

More About John Boutall and Ann Kinsey-Miles:

Marriage: 2 June 1973, United Reform Church, Bishopston, Bristol

Child of John Boutall and Ann Kinsey-Miles is:

  • 11 i. William John Boutall, born 22 January 1987.


8. Richard Collett married Eileen Sullivan

Children of Richard Collett and Eileen Sullivan are:

  • 12 i. Susan Collett
  • 13 ii. Louise Collett
  • 14 iii. Daniel Collett
  • 15 iv. Rachel Collett


9. Mary Collett  married Sean Coffey.

Children of Mary Collett and Sean Coffey are:

  • 16 i. Joanne Coffey
  • 17 ii. Timothy Coffey
  • 18 iii. John Coffey


10. Patrick Collett married Pauline.

Children of Patrick Collett and Pauline are:

  • 19 i. David William Collett, born 1981 in Dublin.
  • 20 ii. James Collett, born 1983.

Latest additions:

  • Birth Certificate for Dorothy May Collett (1896) showing her mother as Maud Louisa English, and their address as 17 Reckitt Road, Chiswick, West London (Brentford District)
  • Birth Certificate for Julius Leonard Collett (Len) (1920), showing he was originally registered as Julius Caesar Collett, and their address as 37 Vanston Place, Walham Green, West London – just around the corner from Farm Lane.



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