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Collett Family Photos

Collett Family Photos – click on an image for larger view

C101 Richard,Joan,Mary,PatrickCollett

C102 John Morgan Collett Birthcert

C103 Richard William(Bill) Collett 1935

C104 Richard William (Bill)Collett Baptism

C105 Richard William and Joan Collett

C106 Joan Collett baptism

C107 Richard William Collett1936

C108 Joan Collett & Joanne Jan95.jpg

Richard William Collett 1946

C110 Sean Eileen Richie Oct03.jpg

C111 ?John Morgan andA.L. Collett

C112 ?John Morgan and A.L. Collett2

C113 Louise 21st and Susan Collett Oct 2003

C114 Daniel, Mary Oct 2003

C115 ?John Morgan Collett.jpg

C116 Tim, Joanne, John 13Sep03

C117 Julius Leondard (Len) and Richard(Bill)Collett.

C118 Mary & Sean Coffey at Ahane,Glencar May03

C119 Julius Leondard (Len) and Richard (Bill) Collett.(2)

C120 Richard William Collett at Victory House Brussels 1946 (see reverse also)

C121 Richard William Collett -reverse Victory House Brussels 1946

C122 Richard William Collett- Brussels1946

C123 Dorothy MayandWilliam Collett

C124 Richard William Collett at 21Club Brussels Feb 1946

C125 Dorothy Mayand William Collett2.jpg

C126 Len & Marie Collett

C127 Dorothy May and William Collett(3)

C128 W Collett and DMCollett Marriage Cert

C129 Dorothy May and William Collett and baby

C130 Dorothy MayCollett and Mary Collett.jpg

C131 Dorothy May Collett and friend

C132 Richard William Collett

C134 Dorothy May Collett.jpg

C135 Richard William & Joan Collett Summer1975

C136 Dorothy May Collett

C137 Richard William Collett

C138 Dorothy May Collett

C139 William Collett’s grave (1950)

C140 Dorothy May Collett and parents?

C141 Richard William Collett and friends

C142 Joan Collett (1940s)

C143 Dorothy May Collett at Beaufort

C144 Richard William Collett

C145 Richard William Collett – death cert

C146 Richard, Joan, John

C147 Dunloe Upper

C!48 Dorothy Boutall, Joan & Bill Collett

C149 Patrick,Joan Collett,MaryDec98

C150 Joan John Bill Collett May92

C151 Mary John Joanne Rossbeigh Beach Oct 2003

C152 Richard William Collett 1940

C153 Richard William Collett & Dorothy Louisa Boutall 2

C154 Richard William and Joan Collett

C155 Richard William and Joan Collett

C156 Collett Wedding (Ireland)

C164 William Collett

C157 Dorothy May Collett Death cert

C158 Dorothy May Collett Marriage Cert

C159 Dorothy May Collett & Richard William Collett 08/04/1969

C160 Dorothy May Collett Birth cert

C161 Dorothy Louisa Boutall and ?Patrick

C162 Julius Leonard Collett (Len) 1944

C163 Richard Collett Communion
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